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We are loving this beautiful weather but keep at eye out for too much sun...ouch! So keeping in the shade, wearing a sunhat and if you have to then choose a sustainable sunscreen– I like the brand Shade which doesnt include any nasties.

If you do catch the sun and get sunburned then homeopathy really helps. If you feel hot with dry and throbbing skin then Belladonna is the go-to. If you are irritable with puffy, stinging skin then its Apis. If you are upset, maybe even tearful then Pulsatilla will help to heal the skin. Making yourself some fresh aloe vera gel from the leaves of an aloe plant is really soothing too - in London many health food shops will sell the big leaves ready for you to take home and peel.

Your GP and 111 are on hand for anything more serious. Enjoy the rays!

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