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Exam Stress! Tips for brain power, staying calm and resilience

Wow the GSCE timetable is grueling!! It’s seriously hard work with 4 weeks of exams leaving our teens mentally exhausted and at peak stress levels. Here are my top tips for surviving and thriving through this time. Good Luck!

**Bush Flower Cognis Essence – add a few drops to a water bottle and sip throughout the day for revision brain power and for exam focus

**Homeopathic Remedy Lotus 30C – Keep Calm and Carry on is the keynote of this remedy. Great for those times when it all seems too much…

**Tissue Salts Combination F – microminerals that keep the nervous system calm and nourished

**Epsom Salt Bath – soak every night for 20 mins to get a great sleep

** Homeopathic Remedy Arg Nit 30C – terrible anxiety, pacing up and down, have diarrhea and are really worried that they are going to fail. They want to be in cool air, and are thirsty.

**Homeopathic Remedy Gelsemium 30C – such a strong feeling of dread that they are paralysed by their worries and feel sluggish, weak and want to be left alone

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