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Homeopathy Consultations

I offer both video call or face to face consultations at the Healthy Living Centre, Islington, London.

Please note that many health insurers will cover treatment costs as I am registered with The Society of Homeopaths

To book an appointment click on the Get In Touch button to send an email.

Homeopathy is safe and non toxic

15 minute Discovery Call - Free

A no-strings attached opportunity to find out what homeopathic treatment involves before committing to a full consultation. You can ask questions and we can discuss your health issue and treatment plan.

Initial Consultation - £135. Price includes check in between appointments.
I offer both video call or face to face consultations at The Healthy Living Centre in Islington, London.

Follow Up Consultation - £100. Price includes check in between appointments.
(Reduced to £85, 15% discount, if you purchase 3 follow up consultations in advance).

The Initial Consultation takes place online/video call and lasts approximately 1 - 1.5 hours. This session includes a discussion of your complete health history along with a deep analysis of your current condition.

​After the consultation is over I will provide a full homeopathic prescription for a month of treatment, and directions as to how to take the remedies. Your local homeopathic pharmacy will then make up the remedies for you, or this is a service I can provide for UK clients. (Please note that homeopathic remedies are very affordable and cost approx. £6 each. Your prescription will include  2-3+ remedies). 


I will also provide recommendations for a programme of nutritional supplements and flower essences as required to further support healing..

In case you have any additional queries or wish to discuss your healing response then I offer a check in session, between appointments at no charge.

After 5 weeks a Follow Up Consultation is recommended in order to track the improvements to your health and so that I can provide a new prescription to move you along  your healing journey,. This is a shorter session and costs £100, with a discounted price for a block booking.

A series of consultations may be necessary depending on the severity of the condition and the length of time that you have been unwell. Homeopathy is a journey to health, bringing you back into balance in your own time - so the duration of treatment varies from person to person..

Herbal Oils

Quick Consultation - £25

A short consultation for you or a family member suitable for acute/sudden illness or accident. You will be given directions as to which remedy and how and when to take the remedy.

The video/phone consultation lasts approximately 10 minutes and further appointments can be arranged as required.

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