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Homeopathic Detox Therapy

Transform your health by gently removing toxins from the body using Homeopathic Detox Therapies. This range of remedies are designed to combat the many toxins that we have encountered in our lives. Often a client will be aware of an illness beginning when they took a specific drug or were exposed to a toxin.

There are hundred's of
Homeopathic Detox Therapies and the type of detox prescribed will be specific to your case. I often see issues around contraceptive pill or IVF when working with hormonal imbalance, or if there is leaky gut the issue may have started with antibiotics or moulds. Other common Homeopathic Detox Therapies that I frequently use include Dental Amalgam, Steroids, Anti-histamines, Anaesthesia, Labour Medications, Heavy Metals, Herpes, Borrelia/Lyme, Pesticides, 5G, Hair dye, Narcotics and more.

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