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Menopause and Perimenopause

How do you treat menopause?

I offer natural, tried and tested alternatives to HRT for women who are interested in gently downshifting and adjusting to their changing hormone levels. 


I have developed an approach to hormonal health that combines homeopathy with nutritional supplements and advice around lifestyle to create a unique prescription for you. This tailored approach directly reduces symptoms,  improves mood, enabling you to gradually transition into a new phase of life.

In addition I offer DUTCH hormonal and adrenal testing to further inform your treatment programme.


Each treatment is designed specifically around you following an extensive Initial Consultation. I will then tailor an individual treatment plan to balance out both physical and emotional issues and bring you back to a state of wellbeing. 

Which menopause symptoms can homeopathy relieve?

Approximately one third of women in the UK experience unpleasant symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, brain fog, vaginal dryness, headaches and weight gain. 


Other women may have lesser symptoms for example changes to sleep patterns that can also be debilitating, or just annoying but that equally deserve help.


Many others have a gentle end to their cycle, with a period of flux in menstrual patterns and very few physical issues - and this is the natural state of balance that the body should be in and this is the aim of homeopathic treatment

I'm taking HRT - can I take homeopathy as well?

Many of my clients find that they have tried HRT and it doesn’t agree with them, they can feel groggy with sudden new side effects as the HRT destabilises their hormones. Indeed HRT can cause similar issues to menopause with breast tenderness, bloating, joint pain, fatigue as it creates drastic changes to hormone levels. 

If this applies to you then you can combine homeopathy with your HRT as the remedies will allow you to taper slowly off the medicines, as your metabolism improves and you return to health.

Why is everyone talking about HRT?

HRT is very much in the media at the moment in the UK, with improved forms of bioidentical hormones on offer, and now made easily available over the counter in the pharmacy.

After many years of women being denied treatment for difficult menopausal symptoms this is a positive shift, however HRT doesn't suit everyone and many women do not like the idea of taking lab made hormones and would prefer a more natural approach

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