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Fiona Eadie. Homeopathy Nature


"Thanks to treatment and advice from Fiona, my menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings are no more and I have loads more energy. Very pleased to have avoided HRT and found a natural way to stay healthy. I particularly enjoyed the full support Fiona offered including regular reviews & a complete exploration of both my mental & physical health, I felt very supported, listened to & fully understood. Fantastic service, can’t recommend enough!"

Debbie, Age 50


"I am so pleased as I don't have acne anymore. I feel more confident and my friends have said that my skin looks really good now."

Jo, Age 12


“I had chronic sinusitis which was cleared after 2 months with Homeopathy. Since then I have continued to see Fiona on a regular basis to deal with other long term health issues.”

Ihab, Age 51


"I've suffered from depression and low mood for many years. While several things have helped, they've always been limited and temporary. Since working with Fiona, I've felt for the first time like I've found a treatment that is deeper and more sustainable. I feel more equipped to live in the world than ever before."

Steve, Age 52


"My 2 year old son had an outbreak of impetigo all over his face which was sore and uncomfortable. After a short video call, Fiona told me what remedy to use and by the next day, the impetigo had greatly improved. Within a few days it had gone completely and he was much happier in himself. I thoroughly recommend Fiona as a family homeopath."

Katy, Mother of Boy Age 2


"Bedwetting was an issue for my daughter, which she found very embarrassing and so she avoided overnights with friends and didn't want to go to school camp. I'm delighted to say that following remedies from Fiona she was completely dry within a few months. Fiona's friendly manner meant that my daughter was at ease discussing even embarrassing topics like bed wetting."

Rose, Age 10