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Solstice Traditions

Winter solstice – my ritual is to light a candle, tune in and let go of something that I no longer want in my life. I’m getting up early while its still dark and quiet, lighting candles, and then doing some yoga or having a bath and seeing what comes up that I want to change.

This year I’m focusing on letting go of my endless T-do lists which over the years have become longer and more exhausting. In their place I’m welcoming spontaneity and some of those magical moments where life just happens without me having listed it out. I’m even going to wipe clean the blackboard of chores in my kitchen!

Perhaps we start tonight—on a Wednesday. Thursday works, too. Or Friday. Doesn’t much matter the day. All that matters is the choice to meet this moment exactly as it is, with no dream of being anyone else but our flawed and fabulous very self— and then, wholly present, bringing this self to the world, touching again and again what is true. What if we do? …. What if we did it together— opened all those closed doors inside us? What if we let the opening do what opening does?

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