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Overdone it? - Try this hangover cure

Homeopathy is wonderful for hangovers and there are a couple of remedies that give an overtaxed liver a boost, making you feel a heck of a lot better as your body quickly clears out the toxins from the night before.

There is nux vomica for a hangover that maight have some of these symptoms - a thick head, irritable, constipation - and you will have been drinking beer and other alcohols

Or ledum if you are a whisky drinker. Or Arsenicum Album if you've broken out in a cold sweat, are sensitive to noise and light, perhaps you feel nauseous or have diarrhoea. Give yourself an Epsom Salt bath too to help the detoxification process.

You can easily order these remedies from a homeopathic pharmacy (Helios, Ainsworth) or they're on Amazon and in most health food shops.

Don;t forget to alternate every drink with a glass of water, try to really savour every drink and enjoy it rather than slugging it down and make sure you have had a good meal this is going to be a major help too.

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