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How to use homeopathy for a positive birthing experience

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

This New Year I had the honour of witnessing the birth of this beautiful baby boy and supporting the childbirth with homeopathic remedies. And wow, even as a Mother myself, I was amazed by the strength, focus and presence that it takes for a woman to give birth – we rock!

It was a home birth with 2 midwives in attendance and in my role as a doula the Mother had asked for support in staying calm and energized. I gave remedies throughout the three stages of labour and the Mother felt the homeopathy had a real impact with each dose that she took. So I would encourage anyone going into labour to have a few remedies to hand.

My top 4 remedies are Caulophyllum which organises contractions and increases their effectiveness, Kali Phos is a tonic for the nervous system and it keeps exhaustion at bay so the Mother is able to stay present throughout the labour. Taking Arnica regularly throughout the birth keeps emotions stable and also relieves exhaustion. Finally one remedy that I recommend for everyone is Aconite which removes the fear that many women experience in early labour or in the moment of transition when a huge surge of adrenalin takes over the body and brain.

The homeopathic pharmacies Helios and Ainsworth both sell handy kits for childbirth with everything you need and a booklet – and the good thing is that as these remedies are multi-purpose that you can use these not just for the birth but also can be used to support the health of your family many years to come.

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