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Feel full, balance insulin with soaked porridge

People often to say to me that porridge doesnt fill them up - they are hungry as soon as an hour after eating it. So that inspired me to share a simple hack to power up your porridge and make it more nutritious and easy to digest - and to keep you full for longer. All you have to do is to soak it overnight

Take one cupful of oats, cover with water and add a spoon of yoghurt,keffir or apple cider vinegar. These fermenting agents will break down the oats overnight and reduce the phytates in the oats which makes the oats gentle on the stomach and ensures the vitamins and minerals more available to your body.

You can also add chia seeds, dried fruit, nuts into the overnight soak and then the next morning it will be tasty enough to eat cold, or heat it up on Winter mornings.. Adding some full fat cream or greek yoghurt add extra protein to keep your insulin balanced throughout the day. And then top with whatever you love the most - my sweetener of choice is a big spoon of black molasses for a daily shot of iron and vitamin B.



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