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Clean up your tap water for better hormone balance

I’ve decided to do a series of posts with simple ways to improve your hormonal health starting with tap water. I have spent the last 12 months looking the most effective and affordable water filters for my home and so I thought I would share some of my findings and a discount code.

Removing the toxins from tap water is a great way to improve your health and also to have beautiful, clean tasting water. Good filters remove chemicals like chlorine and but also heavy metals, microplastics, industrial pollutants, oestrogens and other medicines like anti depressants which have been excreted by other people and which are not removed in the water recycling processes.

These toxins are often difficult to excrete and overload the thyroid gland and upset hormonal balance – and this is not just applicable to women but is very important for children’s development.

So from bronze to gold here are 3 ways you can detox your water:-

Bronze Standard – Water filter jug. Preferably glass or stainless steel as although BPA’s are now removed from most household plastics these have often been replaced by other substances that release microplastics. Brands like PH replenish on Amazon also alkalise the water and add minerals back in. Pricing from £40 upwards

Silver Standard – Under sink, counter top or whole house filtration unit that removes 80%+ of toxins. These ensure you have lots of water available so that you have plenty to cook with as well as to drink.

if you have want a filter that doesn't take up space then look at under sink or whole house options. If you do install one of these units then they are simple to un-plumb to take with you if you move house, so it is a life time investment.

Surprisingly a whole house filter from only costs £100+ so that would mean that even your bathwater is clean - and under sink are even more reasonable.

If you want a portable unit and have room on your kitchen counter then check out Berkey.

Gold Standard – Reverse osmosis or distilled water that removes 99% of toxins. There are new efficient reverse osmosis systems on the market that waste less water than the older models and you can plumb this under your sink, or even for your whole house. Prices from £120+ ore £400+ for efficient RO

I recommend chatting to John at who has an incredible range of products and very affordable prices. Use my code WATEREADIE10 for a discount.

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