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Beautiful summer meadow or Hayfever Hell??!!

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

It's Hayfever season here again so here are my top tips for both chronic sufferers and for people who get short term mild symptoms.

For short term relief my top tips are the remedy called “Mixed Pollens & Grasses” which is made from hundreds of types of UK pollen and can really help reduce everyday reactivity if taken a few times a week. Secondly taking a specific remedy that matches your Hayfever symptoms such as Allium Cepa if you are sneezing loads with a headache and a really runny, watery nose. Nat Mur for violent sneezing and profuse watery discharge. Sabadilla for spasmodic sneezing, accompanied by a severe frontal headache and a running nose. And if you can't pick your way through these and the many other homeopathic remedies for Hayfever then I suggest a combination remedy which is a mix of the main remedies and can be taken every couple of hours - your local homeopathic pharmacy will have its own recipe so its worth giving them a call.

If however you are a chronic sufferer then in my experience the best time to have homeopathic treatment is in Autumn/Winter time. This is because when you take the remedies in Winter they can do the healing work, as the pollen isn’t around and the body doesn't have to deal with the cycle of histamine reactions. Then when Spring comes you should notice a big difference - summed up by Eurico, one of my clients “I have suffered with bad hay fever for many years, and I am so pleased to say that this summer its nearly gone - I would say I have 90% less of my usual symptoms”

For supplements I suggest Quercetin which helps lower the histamine response, extra Zinc and Vitamin C. Making yourself some Tulsi /Holy Basil Tea is great for reducing post nasal drip. Also treat yourself to spoonfuls of raw honey or honeycomb from your local area - even London has its own delicious honey made from hives on rooftops all over the city.

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