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Gum health in 3 easy steps

So no! That is not a photo of my teeth but I am happy to say that my gums are almost as good as the ones in the pic! My dentist is very happy with my gum health which turned around after I took the following steps:-

1. Ratanhia – to restore tone to gums, tighten and strengthen them and reduce inflammation. This herb from Peru has been used for thousands of years for teeth health. There is a lovely Ratanhia mouthwash made by Weleda or ask your homeopath to prescribe this or other specific remedies to get your gums back to health.

2. Coenzyme Q 10 – people with gum disease have low levels of this enzyme in their gum tissue which controls swelling, reduces redness and pain – it also benefits the heart and blood pressure so check with your GP before taking this supplement if you are taking medication. Take in capsule form and I like the brand Lamberts.

3. Oil Pulling – put a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth and leave for 10 mins without swallowing it– then spit it out and brush your teeth. This removes stains from your teeth and gently cleans your gums removing toxins.

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