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Five tips for exam confidence and to calm pre-exam nerves

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

With the exam season looming large I thought I would share some tips that help you, or your teenager to feel confident and be able to perform to at their best.

Pre-exam nerves, or the same feeling before a big work presentation can be debilitating, with anxiety for days beforehand, even loss of sleep. Symptoms include panic attacks, stomach upsets, sweating, diarrhea and heart palpitations.

I have listed below a couple of simple ideas and three safe and supportive homeopathic remedies which can restore a sense of calm. You can buy these from your local health food store, or from Helios or Ainsworth Homeopathic Pharmacies who will post them out to you.

So first tip is Bach Flower Rescue Remedy – available as pastilles, also in alcohol free. Just add a few drops to a water bottle so that it can be sipped throughout the day to take the edge off any worries.

Secondly invest in a big tub of organic Epsom salts and have three baths a week, a long soak of 20 minutes allows the skin to absorb magnesium which relaxes the nervous system so that revision becomes less of a strain.

Homeopathic Remedy Arg Nit - this is for anticipation – so this remedy is for someone who is feeling pressure to perform. They may find it hard to get to sleep, as they are so restless and keep tossing and turning in bed. They may pace up and down, tremble, have diarrhea and are really worried that they are going to fail. They want to be in cool air, and are thirsty.

Homeopathic Remedy Gelsemium – this is for a feeling of dread that means the person becomes paralysed by fear-. They may tremble with nerves. They feel sluggish, and weak and want to be left alone.

Homeopathic Remedy Aethusa - the mind goes completely blank when they are in the exam room and all their knowledge is blocked. They are terrified that they will forget everything that they know. When they revise they lose focus easily and often feel distraught.

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