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I am an experienced Homeopath based in Hackney, London, I offer virtual and in person homeopathic consultations for a a wide range of conditions and for all ages.

My specialisms include women's health -  supporting hormonal health from puberty through to menopause. I also specialise in homeopathy for children and babies with a focus of supporting difficult behaviours and their physical associated conditions. I also have many clients who have homeopathic treatment for chronic illness such as chronic fatigue, arthritis and to overcome the depression that accompanies these chronic health issues.

My comprehensive approach is a combination of classical and contemporary homeopathy, supported with lifestyle advice including nutrition alongside herbal supplements. This approach ensures that clients are well supported so that the body can heal, and longer term prevents illness and promotes optimal health.

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Homeopathy is so well trusted that over 200 million patients in over 80 nations use it, including 100 million EU citizens.