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Upweight your omega 3 oils for hormonal health

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

By now most of us know that taking an Omega 3 Oil is essential for your hormonal health, all the way from puberty to conception to menopause and everything in-between. But shocking latest research shows that the recommended levels are way too low.

After trawling through 71 published studies researchers have discovered we should be consuming around 3g per day – that’s around ten times what W.H.O recommends. So if you are taking a supplement have a look at the dosage and ramp it up, and you can also increase your intake of chia, walnuts and oily fish.

I recommend “Wiley’s Finest Peak EPA”, a fish oil from clean Alaskan waters and for Vegans a great alternative is “Feel Algae Omega 3”.

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