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Epsom Salt Baths for sleep and calm

Epsom Salt baths have to be my go to recommendation for nearly all my clients. Ideal for stressed out parents, hormonal teenagers, irritated menopausal women and grumpy children who have nervous systems that are crying out for a relaxing soak in mother nature's magnesium bath.

An estimated 80% of us are deficient in this valuable mineral that controls so many of our body's functions including bone health, digestion, sleep and nourishing and calming the nervous system.

Best of all is that its so affordbale. You can order a huge tub of organic salts from ebay for as little as £10 and then be generous - add 2 big mugfuls to each bath, soak for 15 mins plus and try to have three baths a week. Try it and you will never look back!

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